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Video: Glenn Beck Hosts Doctor Who Sent Off Obama Witchdoctor Photo

Yes, an income Tax Refund. They will never collect Social Security, but they can go each year, never getting an U.S. I.D. and get an Income Tax Refund. They never comply with any laws here, they just live here. under the radar. I have seen checks go out for over ,000 for one family. They are dragging 4 or 5 kids in to get their taxes done, can’t speak two words of English, but we are catering to them like crazy. Abusing real Americans in the process.

There is one wild card in the political process. It is Senator Olympia Snow of Maine. She has shown a tendency in the past to break with her party and vote as she sees fit. If she were to vote for health care reform, the plan could come back from the dead. Will she? It is impossible to know, but let’s just say there is going to be a long line at the door of her office and an absolute ton of pressure being placed on her.

By 2009, PROFIT and POLITICS had become more important than People. Who really cares about the health of a nation when people take a back seat to politics and profit?

They have changed signs, phone messages, schools and school books and anything else they could, to be in Spanish. I fought for my job last year, because of illegals at HR Block, coming in for their ITIN’S, and the need to be proficient in Spanish. It has become a normal thing to be required to speak Spanish on the job. Did we have to learn Vietnamese or Italian or any other language to accommodate other people who migrated to the U.S.? No! I haven’t seen one printed item that had those languages added to the English version, except some instructions.

No one is sure where the loudmouths are coming from. What is certain is that these people do not believe in free speech. The only speech they tolerate is that with which they agree. This is not a new tactic, but it remains a despicable one.

If Obamacare is passed with 55 votes in reconciliation and the public continues to distrust it, we may see political fall-out like you never imagined.

NCCU held a meeting over this issue with 850 attendees, but it was so large that 100 others could not fit into the building. Some of those left outdoors made the best of it to listen in on whatever they could.