Why Health Care Reform Will Fail

Obama has promised to run up trillion-dollar deficits as long as he is president. Doesn’t that mean we are already out of money? Is he going to print the trillions of additional dollars and run up inflation or borrow them from China?

The morals and ethics continued to flow through my mind as I continued to look at the front page. Insurers, why would they take aim at health care reform? I have never seen a health insurance company close its doors for charging too little in premiums. Insurance company policies have their own moral and ethical issues. Companies will deny, deny, deny procedures that will vastly improve the health and well being of their policyholders. They will not even issue policies for people with pre-existing conditions. Did you know that a pregnancy is a pre-existing condition? So, insurance companies are choosing to put their profits and they do have profits ahead of the wellbeing of the American public. Of course they don’t want health care reform they would lose policy holders, and have stricter guidelines.

But suddenly, in the midst of economic crises, formerly wealthy individuals discover that it’s not always a matter of preparation. Just because an individual attends college for four years doesn’t mean that a magic high-paying job awaits him upon graduation. And remaining faithful to one company doesn’t mean that 25 years of loyalty will matter.

The average age of a Fox News viewer: 65 –the oldest audience in cable news. Think I’m picking on Fox? Not really. CNN’s average viewer? 63. MSNBC, 59.

By 1975, I was working for a hospital that provided its employees with a generous insurance plan. As employees, we paid very little into that plan, and when I gave birth in 1981, I paid nothing for the hospital bill or for the doctor bill. The insurance paid for everything. I felt blessed and lucky.

In Illinois, as well as every other State, Insurance companies have to file their rates with their State’s Department of Insurance (DOI), the rates are the same whether you purchase directly through the internet or through an insurance broker. There are many reasons to work with a trusted insurance broker, here are just a few.

First, I want everybody to understand the source of our deficit, because if you don’t understand that, then my argument won’t make sense. When I walked into the White House, I had gift-wrapped, waiting for me at the door a .3 trillion deficit — .3 trillion. Now, I say that — (applause) — I just want to — I just want to — I just want to — I say that — this was not — and this is not, by the way, entirely the previous administration’s fault. The financial crisis was so bad that revenues plummeted and all this money was spent in making sure that the banking system did not completely collapse. So all the actions that have been taken — the bank bailout, the auto bailout, all that stuff — that did spike the deficit.