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Most Common Birth Injuries And What To Do Next
With many births each day, you expect that obstetricians are well experienced and versed as they bring to the world new life. However, unfortunately, there are several birth injuries that occur during delivery that could result to trauma for the mother and the baby. As a mum, when you find yourself in such a situation, you may not have an idea of where to begin. Check out this article and get to know some of the common birth injuries as well as the steps you should take immediately if you find yourself in the situation.

One of the conditions is cerebral palsy. cerebral palsy could come about if a doctor mishandles a baby during delivery. For one, cerebral palsy could result from depriving the baby of oxygen during delivery. The obstetrician can use too much force to pull a baby, leading to the injury too. In the long run, the baby could have issues such as impaired coordination and other disabilities. Check out this birth injuries attorney.

The other common injury in babies is Erb’s palsy. In this one, there is a group of nerves that gets injured. It normally occurs with improper handling that is the doctor pulling the head and arm of the baby in the opposite directions. As a result, the arm that suffers the injury may end up remaining weak. If your baby gets such an injury, you may need to take him/her for surgery. Consult this birth injuries attorney.
Another injury during birth is collarbone fractures. This means that the baby suffers fractures on the collarbone. This mainly occurs for the reason that the baby will be trying to get out through such a narrow opening. The baby may experience some pain especially in the first weeks, but they recover within few weeks. Talk to this birth injuries attorney.

Thighbone fractures is another injury your baby could suffer during birth. However, and the fracture is not as common as the other types. It normally occurs in the event that the legs are twisted in an unnatural manner. The pain from the thighbone fractures is usually notable as one moves the baby’s leg, such as when changing diapers. It can take a month for recovery. It is paramount and critical, however, that you notify your doctor as soon as you realize the baby is in pain. She/ he will be put on Pavlik harness to promote correct healing. Check out this birth injuries attorney.

AS soon as you note a birth injury in your baby, hire a lawyer. There are those injuries that will go away, but there are those that will leave long-term damages. However hopeless it makes you feel, just get a lawyer. Consult this birth injuries attorney.