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Why Health Care Reform Will Fail

Obama has promised to run up trillion-dollar deficits as long as he is president. Doesn’t that mean we are already out of money? Is he going to print the trillions of additional dollars and run up inflation or borrow them from China?

The morals and ethics continued to flow through my mind as I continued to look at the front page. Insurers, why would they take aim at health care reform? I have never seen a health insurance company close its doors for charging too little in premiums. Insurance company policies have their own moral and ethical issues. Companies will deny, deny, deny procedures that will vastly improve the health and well being of their policyholders. They will not even issue policies for people with pre-existing conditions. Did you know that a pregnancy is a pre-existing condition? So, insurance companies are choosing to put their profits and they do have profits ahead of the wellbeing of the American public. Of course they don’t want health care reform they would lose policy holders, and have stricter guidelines.

But suddenly, in the midst of economic crises, formerly wealthy individuals discover that it’s not always a matter of preparation. Just because an individual attends college for four years doesn’t mean that a magic high-paying job awaits him upon graduation. And remaining faithful to one company doesn’t mean that 25 years of loyalty will matter.

The average age of a Fox News viewer: 65 –the oldest audience in cable news. Think I’m picking on Fox? Not really. CNN’s average viewer? 63. MSNBC, 59.

By 1975, I was working for a hospital that provided its employees with a generous insurance plan. As employees, we paid very little into that plan, and when I gave birth in 1981, I paid nothing for the hospital bill or for the doctor bill. The insurance paid for everything. I felt blessed and lucky.

In Illinois, as well as every other State, Insurance companies have to file their rates with their State’s Department of Insurance (DOI), the rates are the same whether you purchase directly through the internet or through an insurance broker. There are many reasons to work with a trusted insurance broker, here are just a few.

First, I want everybody to understand the source of our deficit, because if you don’t understand that, then my argument won’t make sense. When I walked into the White House, I had gift-wrapped, waiting for me at the door a .3 trillion deficit — .3 trillion. Now, I say that — (applause) — I just want to — I just want to — I just want to — I say that — this was not — and this is not, by the way, entirely the previous administration’s fault. The financial crisis was so bad that revenues plummeted and all this money was spent in making sure that the banking system did not completely collapse. So all the actions that have been taken — the bank bailout, the auto bailout, all that stuff — that did spike the deficit.

Dems Spend Three Times More Opposing Health Care Reform, Shumlin Praises It

But raising children on ,000 a year was most of the time difficult and oftentimes impossible. I found myself borrowing money from one credit card to pay the monthly fee on another credit card, and, when electricity, gas, water, and all of the other housing expenses, including insurance, far exceeded my income, which they generally did, I had to use credit cards to pay for the kids’ ever-growing clothing needs and for food.

Senator B: Well, Greta, I cannot argue with what Senator A has said. Perception is key. The shirt does appear to be blue, navy blue in fact, but it may not be.

The sales man-in-chief held his town hall meeting on health care reform at Northern Virginia Community College, in Annandale, Virginia. It was another high-pressure, all the chips are on the table, sales pitch for Obamacare.

So that’s why I say, this is actually a legitimate debate. I think that we can craft a system in which you’ve got a public option that has to operate independently, not subsidized by taxpayers — it would be nonprofit, but we’ve already got nonprofits out there like BlueCross BlueShield — that they would have to go on the market and get a market price for capital, so they wouldn’t be able to just have the Federal Reserve write them a check. I think there are ways that we can address those competitive issues. And you’re absolutely right, if they’re not entirely addressed, then that raises a set of legitimate problems.

We can’t tell insurance to take everybody if, on the other hand, you’ve got a whole bunch of people who are healthy and young who choose not to get insurance at all, because what ends up happening is then insurance companies are just going to take the people when they get sick. Somebody won’t buy insurance until they find out that they’re sick. Then they go into the insurance office and they say, give me insurance so i can go pay my bill. Insurance companies would lose money pretty quick that way.

President Obama decided to pull a woman out of the audience because she says she has cancer and can’t get insurance. What you didn’t know and according to the Associated Press is that this same woman is a volunteer for Obama’s Organizing for America campaign. It wasn’t a random person, she actually got her tickets from the White House.

NCCU held a meeting over this issue with 850 attendees, but it was so large that 100 others could not fit into the building. Some of those left outdoors made the best of it to listen in on whatever they could.

Why We Need A Public Health Care Option In The United States

Senator B: My party has offered many great ideas that will make for more meaningful reform and not push the country to the brink of a Chinese take-over.

As with most Americans, we will probably not see a change until 2014 when the law goes into effect. Since we pay more than 9.5 percent of our current income for insurance premiums, we will be eligible for tax credits to pay for premiums, or help with deductibles and co-payments. These tax credits will keep the cost of our insurance premiums below ,750, based on family size and income. Additionally, our out-of-pocket deductibles and co-payments could be capped at 30 percent of cost.

How Different types of People will Be Affected by the Health care Overhaul. The new York Times, March 24, 2010 – This tool does not allow you to enter information, but rather offers eight scenarios to choose from. I was unable to use this tool, as my family type is not a choice. Check it out to see if you fit into any of the pre-defined categories, as it provides good information.

Blood further quotes Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas who says to the voters “I know you’re mad at Washington. Well, shouldn’t she have said “me” since she voted for the health reform?

health care reform is a tough call. We either have to make a plan to send them all home, which won’t happen ever, or we have to figure out how to keep them healthy. Which would mean letting them have access to health options. What are we going to do, take buses around to their houses, load them up and drive them back to Mexico? No! It ain’t gonna happen, people!

One thing that caught my eye was the continued reference to “data gathering”. It isn’t spelled out but you sure get the feeling that your information will end up on in a giant database somewhere that can be accessed in a manner that is not to personal benefit. It’s just a feeling. If they adjust payments as many times as adjustments are mentioned, payments will be adjusted out of existence.

By 2009, PROFIT and POLITICS had become more important than People. Who really cares about the health of a nation when people take a back seat to politics and profit?

Recently, the cable companies did a survey. The cable outlets are scared; they’re trying to hold onto people because it’s becoming more common to watch tv on the internet through things like Hulu, or (if the cable company’s lucky), on TiVo. Cable costs money; Hulu is free, so viewers –younger viewers– are cutting the cord to TV –either regular, cable or satellite.

Harsh Realities And Cold Hard Facts; The Crux Of The Health Care Reform Issue

So why are the insurance companies so dead set against it? Because they know that it will be far less expensive, far better plan. Basically it comes down to this: They don’t want the competition!

Senator B: Well, Greta, I cannot argue with what Senator A has said. Perception is key. The shirt does appear to be blue, navy blue in fact, but it may not be.

health care reform is now teetering on the edge of total collapse. President Obama is already talking about trimming the plan way back to cover areas that both parties agree on. This means that at best we will see some weak plan that solves little or nothing. Alternatively, the entire bill may just collapse under its own immense weight and fall apart completely.

I don’t believe the Government is going to do anything. President Obama or whoever is sitting up there is not going to lift a finger to make these people leave. They say it is impossible to know where all of the illegals are, yet HR Block and other tax offices, handle thousands of ITIN’s each year. An ITIN is an identifying process for illegals that lets them work, file taxes and get a refund back. We sent those checks to local addresses, that are a part of a permanent record. We can’t find them? The irs did!

Many carriers in the Chicago Area, will exclude pre-existing conditions for twelve months or more. Aetna will not exclude those conditions if you have creditable coverage for at least 18 months. They either accept you or they do not. The first question I ask when someone tells me they have a medical condition is, “do you want to get them covered?”. Dealing with a broker can save you more time so you do not apply with a carrier to find out you have to wait 12 months, to use the coverage.

The stimulus plan is a huge failure. 9.5 percent unemployment with job loses of 467,000 in the month of June. So, officially we are out of 4.4 million jobs. How is the “create and or save jobs” working for you now sales man-in-chief?

As an investment advisor, I know first hand how hard it is to tell a client what they don’t want to hear. If it’s any consolation, this news didn’t start out as a lie. It has just become very hard to perpetuate in the current time period of which we live and work.

By 2009, PROFIT and POLITICS had become more important than People. Who really cares about the health of a nation when people take a back seat to politics and profit?

Video: Glenn Beck Hosts Doctor Who Sent Off Obama Witchdoctor Photo

I feel we are in the biggest fight of our lives with this issue. Health care for the millions of Americans is an almost impossible task. Adding 12 million people who really could care less about the welfare of this country, is a pipe dream. Is it fair? Absolutely not! Is it reality? Absolutely! We did this to ourselves. We allowed it to happen. We have stood by and let them takeover our country, one family at a time. We watch on tv them wading across the river in droves. We just couldn’t say no. The easy life was calling.

The sales man-in-chief held his town hall meeting on health care reform at Northern Virginia Community College, in Annandale, Virginia. It was another high-pressure, all the chips are on the table, sales pitch for Obamacare.

When we fought the Iraq war, we made that decision. We didn’t pay for it. When we cut taxes on some of the wealthiest Americans, we did not compensate by making cuts in programs that were comparable. So what that has all added up to is, we’ve got a structural deficit that over the course of the next 10 years is about trillion.

THE PRESIDENT: This raises an important question, because it goes to the overall debate that’s taking place out there right now. When we talk about reform, you hear some opponents of reform saying that somehow we are trying to ration care, or restrict the doctors that you can see, or you name it. Well, that’s what’s going on right now. It’s just that the decisions are being made by the insurance companies.

Some wondered after it was revealed that almost every terrorist who attacked the united states on 9-11 was from an oil exporting country why the us did not move heaven and earth to get off of foreign oil. Why did we insist on paying terrorists to kill us? Why did we become more slavish to foreigners and their oil? Why did we keep sending trillions of dollars out of the country?

America has been invaded from Mexico. We have turned a blind eye to these people coming, for over 20 years. They have infiltrated America and we chose to not see it happen, until it was too late. We are losing the English language. We are losing our identities as Americans. We let this happen. We wanted to stop working so hard and live the easy life, by letting them do the hard work. That is the truth of the situation.

Thankfully, my family is healthy with no pre-existing conditions. We currently have medical insurance. I stay at home with our daughter, and purchase a high-deductible insurance policy for myself online. My wife gets insurance for her and our daughter through her employer. It is significantly cheaper for us to buy my insurance separately. Health insurance for our family is our biggest expense — even more than our monthly mortgage payment! We are both 31, and our daughter is not yet one year old. Our combined annual income is around ,000.

So what finally made Obama toss the nicotine sticks? His daughters, of course! He wanted to be able to tell Malia and Sasha Obama that their papa was sans cigarettes.