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Legislators home for summer recess are having a hard time talking to their constituents in public. When they attempt to have a public meeting about health care, they get shouted down. When they attempt to appear in public, they get shouted down. It doesn’t seem to matter which side of the debate the lawmakers fall on. Anti-reform conservatives are coming out of the woodwork to help the insurance companies and hospitals keep their death grip on Americans’ finances.I don’t believe the Government is going to do anything. President Obama or whoever is sitting up there is not going to lift a finger to make these people leave. They say it is impossible to know where all of the illegals are, yet HR Block and other tax offices, handle thousands of ITIN’s each year. An ITIN is an identifying process for illegals that lets them work, file taxes and get a refund back. We sent those checks to local addresses, that are a part of a permanent record.